How to control your DSLR camera with your android tablet ?

I discovered today one of the best android applications ever. I’ve been looking for ages for an application to remotely control my camera with my phone or my tablet. I tried many of them, but none was complete, fast, and bug-free.

Its name is Camcap. You can find a demo version on google play. The complete version costs only 9.20 $. Great value for its functionnality !

What does it do ?

It simply controls your camera from with android tablet. You can do everything :

– Change major settings (aperture, shutter speed, etc.)
– Manual focus / Autofocus
– Live View
– Bracketing mode
– Time lapse mode
– Transfer images to the device (RAW + JPEG)
– Preview of transferred images (JPEG only)

Nikon D5100 connected to a Transformer Prime tablet

Eee Pad External USB Adapter

I use it with my Nikon D5100 connected to a Asus Transformer prime tablet via an Eee Pad External USB Adapter. This adapter is necessary to turn the tablet USB port into a host port. With it, you can plug any USB material on your tablet : mouse, keyboard, external hard drive, your camera etc… (something impossible on an iPad). I bought mine on amazon, and it costs less than 20$ ! If you have a dock, you don’t need it. If you have another android tablet, check if the USB port acts as a host. If not, buy an adapter.

So back to the application.

It’s a very simple one. Just plug your cam to the tablet, launch the app, and the main screen lets you set anything : aperture, speed, iso, color balance, size and quality of the pics…You can decide if you want to transfer every picture one the tablet disk, leave it on the camera, or do both.

What interests me the most is the possibility to do timelapse and bracketing for HDR. Regarding the bracketing options, you can take 3,5 or 7 pics, and choose a step from 1 to 5. Timelapse settings are unlimited.

Camcap Iso Settings

Camcap Bracketting

Camcap Timelapse